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Had a bad night sleep last, was kept awake by very severe pain in my right hip, to the point it was near agony.

I somehow managed to get thorugh work (a hot water bottle helped immensley), and have been to see my GP after work.

He thinks its not arthritis, as the movement in my hip is fine so thats a bit of a relief as I did fear the worse.

Any tips how to deal with the hip pain would be appriciated.



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    I really don't know. When I've had hip pain it's always been due to arthritis. I too pain relief, did exercises and sat carefully on a cushion.

    Mr SW gets 'Hip' pain but there's some uncertainty about whether it's his hip or his lower back. He, too, maintains it can't be arthritis as he can waggle his leg about all over so suspects back. Fortunately he only gets it after 18 holes of golf. Again, he just takes NSAIDS and does exercises for it.
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    I went with hip pain and was sent to the physio. He told me it was my lower back and the pain was being referred to my hips. He gave me exercises and suggested I don't sit or stand for more that half an hour at a time and also not to bend forward. Things are much better when I follow his advice and get worse if I don't. Your GP will be able to tell you what is wrong with you.
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    I have constant hip pain but I know it's due to the OA - it recently worsened when I strained my lower back trying to put my rollator into the back of my car.

    Pain from one area can be referred to other places thus misleading us as to the identity of the culprit. The things we can do to help ourselves are applying heat and / or creams such as Voltarol plus pain relief: maybe a soak in a deep, hot bath could help. If things haven't eased over the next few days then maybe a referral to physio will be in order. DD
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    You can get those stick in heat patches from most supermarkets which can help if you are out and about.

    Have you tried the old sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees trick too??

    I have had bursitis in my hip too...that is rather painful to say the least.

    If it continues to be agony maybe your GP might consider X-rays of your back and hip to assess??

    Best of luck

    Toni xxx
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    The hip pain doesn't seem as bad now, so it seems to be a one off (thank god).

    I fould sleeping on my left side with a hot water bottle over my hip helps (bit of a balancing act, but it stays there!), and breen given som basic hip exercises by my GP to alos help reduce the pain, and build my overall quad strength.

    Thanks again for the support.


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