Cutlery basket or tray?

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When we moved to No.10 we inherited a cheap 13 place integrated dishwasher with no instructions. I have learned as I have gone along (finding some on the interweb helped) but it is not as good as I would like and lacks some useful features. As the sales are on (and I have some cash available) I am seriously thinking of improving it before he 'retires' in mid-2017 when our income will be reduced.

I am very tempted by one that has a cutlery tray rather than a basket; we currently have a basket and, because it takes up so much room, the cutlery is often hand-washed which kinda defeats the object. If you have a dishwasher with a tray how do you find it? I have read it takes time to load the cutlery but it does with the basket, plus some of the cutlery won't fit in the basket's separators which is annoying. In the pics I have seen the cutlery appears to be better spread and organised which I think should lead to better cleaning and drying. Do you have any experience of these things? If so I would appreciate your input. DD
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    I don't have an electric one I have one with two legs that I have to crack the whip over :D the only time I use one is when we are at sons and then he usually reloads it but he does leave the cutlery tray as he says don't matter how you put them in but it does take a time.Not much help really.Mig
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    As one who used to do the washing up and now has a machine take over his position in life I have mixed feelings. Dish washers are made for the abled bodied!

    If arther is on your back don't try bending over to fill or empty it, I can't get down that far and doubt if you will. Far easier and cheaper to stand at the sink and drop a bit of crockery, the job will soon get taken off you!

    If you do get one I bet that some of your pans won't fit in it.

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    When I used to volunteer at a holiday centre for people with disabilities their industrial dishwashers had trays.

    That is my only experience of them I'm sorry.

    I think the trays in modern dishwashers mean you have to lay each item into it's own slot?? Therefore time consuming.

    The upside is that you don't have that annoying tipped over cutlery basket full of left over food bits and in theory more room for pans/dishes??

    I reckon you could get used to it with time.

    Good luck ;)


    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx
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    I was given a dishwasher a few years back (it didn't last long) and I'm pretty sure I hated the cutlery tray and I think it was because it did not do a good job of washing.

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    I've only ever used the baskets, first at my son's and now on the one we have inherited with our new house. Oddly, I've had no problems accessing any part of any of my son's current and former dishwashers but ours is a bit trickier. I'm guessing that USA dishwashers, like USA everythings, are bigger.
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