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I am new to this group. Was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis two years ago in my knees, shoulders and hands. Having difficulty finding a good pain relief, I would be grateful for any suggestions.


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    Hi Lewip,

    Welcome to the forum and Happy New Year, here's hoping you will make new friends and share laughter!

    Osteoarthritis is one of my arthrituses (arthritii) :wink: For me it is a separate pain from my other conditions, sort of grinding which makes sense as the cartilage is lost from joints. I also have pain like a stab - not often but enough to stop me in my tracks when it occurs. I like heat for pain relief and use a gel and take regular meds to tackle the combination of conditions I have. Having just looked up the info on osteo ive been reminded I have a tens machine which can be really good too! A good reason to stay in the forum :P


    This is from the arthritis care website, and you can ring the helplines team up for advice, its free - sometimes its easier to talk to someone.
    0808 800 4050

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Welcome to the forums Lewip,

    I only have OA in my left knee, which I've had for going on 7 years (diagnosed only 3 years ago and im only 35), and at first I struggled to manage the pain.

    Unfortunatley, with OA you can manage pain, and not much else (unless it get really bad and you need replacement surgery). What pain medication have you tried? Im currently on ibuprofen based gel for the inflamation and co-codamol to be taken to reduce the pain.

    I find it really useful to put an ice pack on my knee for around 15 minutes, with my knee raised, and this really helps when my knee is flared up - you get ice packs from most larger chemists. Others will say heat is good, its all about finding whats best for you.

    You could consider a steroid injection, but these are fickle and one work for eveyone - I had one and it lasted 4 months.

    Im sure others will come and off thier advice/tips.

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    A warm welcome to the forum lewip..maybe you could ask to be referred to a pain clinic...they can advised on meds and also arranged injections for back knee and so on..hope you can get some relief very soon..

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