Ill health retirement, teensy step forward

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Hi everyone, hope you've all enjoyed a good new year. My poor husband was choked with the cold over Christmas and now he's better he's given it to me, generous little darling that he is!!
I'd really hoped to have had this ill health retirement thing sorted out but it's been dead slow the whole time. Mid December my boss phoned me asking if I could chase up the doctors reports as OccH had phoned Personnel and they'd contacted my manager and now he was contacting me. I don't know why they think I can get my GP to get a move on with the report when they've already left him a message saying they're still waiting for it!!
Anyway I phoned the surgery and left a message for my doctor asking if he'd managed to get the report done - it's a fine line between asking and him feeling like I'm hassling him and we get along fine so I don't want to rock the boat.
The good news is that I saw the hospital consultant on 29/12 and he found the copy of the request that had been sent to the hospital and he printed me out a copy of the reply. It was only done on 20/12 so work wouldn't have had that one either when my boss phoned me. The report contains the magic words
"I would support an application for ill health retirement given the impact that her condition has had on her energy levels and mobility".

This is making me feel a little bit more positive about the outcome, really just want some recognition of the fact that illness has impacted on my ability to work as I used to be able to and if it wasn't for that then I'd be working on until I was 65. (We're only talking two years and in fact if this drags on beyond April 5th, it would only be one year although I'd really like it sorted before then)
I'm off for a bit more sleep just now, this cold is making me soooo tired. All the best to everyone, slomo


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    Hope all gets sorted out soon for you
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    Thanks Slosh, hope 2017 is a good year for you
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    I think that sounds very optimistic but, of course, we always natter until everything is signed sealed and delivered. I hope that won't be long for you.
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