Arthritis Holiday Group?

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Hi, My name's Jess and I'm 22 with JIA and a variety of other conditions. Because of how I am I don't get out and about much, this limits my ability to meet new people and make friends, so my social circle is pretty small. Not only that, but what few friends I do have, they have their own lives. Work, families etc. Which is great, but I'd like to travel, go on holidays.

This got me thinking about maybe putting together a group of people who get the Arthritis thing, the not being able to party till the early hours of the morning every night, the slow and steady approach, but still having a good time, doing some crazy stuff but being able to recharge for the next few days.

What do you think?


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    Hello Jess and welcome to Arthritis Care Forums on behalf of the moderation team.

    I am sorry you have JIA and, at 22, are finding you can’t get out and about as much as your peers. I like your idea; still having fun, but within the limitations imposed by arthritis.

    It might be an idea to pop this post onto the Living with Arthritis Forum too as that tends to be a bit busier. There are younger people using that forum too.

    Have you checked out Arthritis Care’s main site for what might be happening near to you?

    As moderators we are here to help with any problems you may have using the message boards so feel free to send us a message if you need to.

    I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards.

    Best wishes