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Hi Everyone
My apologies in advance if this post is a bit long but Im feeling somewhat lost and alone in this battle against my body!
I was finally diagnosed with Grade 4 OA in my right knee (and left heading that way) - after 2 years of pain and finally a change of GP who sent me for a scan. (My former GP was only interested in my hip pain (bursitis) - and giving out prescriptions!!)
I had an athroscopy and microfracture in July 14, which didnt make much difference and eventually had to take early medical retirement from my very physical job (part of the NHS). Since then it has become apparent that I also have issues with both hands, right ankle and both shoulders. I have had physio and acupuncture on my shoulder/ neck last year, but other than that no further treatment.
My pension is not enough to live on, and I really did think I would find a part time job that would top up my income - but it has become apparent that, once the reason for my retirement is disclosed, Im not an ideal candidate.....
So we are surviving on my partners income. I was thinking about claiming PIP but not sure if I would qualify?
My consultant is not willing to operate on my knee for another 4 years (Im now 54) - and I understand the reasoning, but feel like Im living in limbo.
My last visit to my GP was last summer - and resulted in the physio referal and blood tests. The bloods and repeated test showed raised inflammation markers but not high enough to be definitive. So he just sent me on my way with a "dont know what it is" remark!!! Should I expect more help/ support?
This last week has been awful with all my dodgy joints giving me so much pain I could (and do) cry at times. I will be seeing my GP next week and really want to get things sorted - at least a diagnosis....
Im sorry to ramble on -
I have always been relatively healthy and fit and independent, and all that seems to be impossible now.


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    Hi Rachel1962
    Welcome to the forum we all have pain in one way or another on the forums and can sympathize with what you are going through.veryone is friendly and helpful, so just choose a forum and start chatting.Lwa and Chit Chat are our most busiest.
    All the best Christine :sun:
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Please excuse me for being brief. It's late and I'm tired but I wanted at least to let you know we are here for you.

    You do have a diagnosis of OA but I'm guessing that you think that might not account for all that's now wrong. Unfortunately it can. There is also the possibility that it's an autoimmune form of arthritis rather than OA. That, too, is possible but, as you have discovered, blood tests are not always conclusive. Do your joints feel hot to the touch? Do you get immemse fatigue? Do any relatives have autoimmune diseases? These things might be helpful.

    Meanwhile, re PIP, try here
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    Hi Rachel1962,

    Welcome to fourms, you'll find were all understanding and a helpful lot.

    (Sorry for the short post, had a long day at work.)
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    Thank you all for your replies and advice.
    I finally saw my GP today who wants the inflammation marker bloods done again, and depending on results will refer to a rheumatologist. Unfortunately I have to wait til next Friday to get the test done - I was tempted to ask for the tubes and vacu needle and do it myself!
    It was also interesting that he thought he didnt take it any further last year as "it had resolved itself" - I had to remind him what he had said at the time..... but hey-ho - at least there is some forward movement!

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