Take care out in the bad, bad weather

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As my left knee (oa) has been bad, I have stayed indoors for the last 3 days. There is thick snow and ice in lots of places, so all take care out there!.
Where I live was not good, and I made sure that I was stocked up will everything so that I did'nt chance going out in the bad weather. I felt that if I had fallen down, there was no way I could have got up again
First thing in the morning the knee is very puffed up and painful, so I do some exercises
and after some time it gets a little better.
Take care going out there,and keep thinking happy thoughts (yeah right!)
Tupney. :animal_busy:


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    Thank you for thinking of us and your wise words of advice. My neck of the woods experienced heavy snow for all of twenty minutes on Friday morning and by 1pm it was gone, melted by the sun.

    I find autumnal and winter weather challenging - the damp and cold aggravates my OA and I am very nervous of wet leaves, they are just as slippery as ice! I hope that conditions have eased now and you are able to get out and about, it does help us to have a blast of fresh air. Take care. DD
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    You too, tupney :) We didn't have much snow here and, as I now do the bulk of my shopping online, we have a well-stocked larder, fridge, freezer etc. Anyway, very mild here today, by contrast.

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