New Sainsbury scam

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Beware. A friend has just been caught.

It's (currently) a WhatsApp scam in which £250 worth of vouchers are allegedly yours if you fill in a short questionnaire and send it to 10 others. Don't do it. It's not from Sainsburys and is only a method of getting malware into your computer.

Remember - if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. In this case it definitely is.
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  • barbara12
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    Thanks SW, I do collect the nectar points ...the things they get up to.. :x
  • tkachev
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    This one was doing the rounds on facebook a few years back. I've also been getting a lot of 'pass this on' messages allegedly from friends which have to be ignored because they are likely to be from hackers.

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    Thank you for the warning, I received the message from a friend this morning but didn't act on it which was just as well. Maybe this type of thing is the 21st century equivalent of a chain letter but far more pernicious in what it might achieve . . . . . Quite why people would think that a supermarket would happily give away £250 to all and sundry is bewildering. DD
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  • TheLordFlasheart
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    Im more tech savy, so am aware of these type of scams. As sticky said, if its too good to be true ignore it.
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  • daffy2
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    Quite why people would think that a supermarket would happily give away £250 to all and sundry is bewildering. DD
    Possibly because they do give away vouchers or the 'chance to win' same if you complete some sort of 'how did we do' thing. I suspect it's very much easier now with so many folks being permanently connected to, and inhabiting, the online world. The fact that it's 'only' £250 makes it more credible also.
    I gather that it's a way to make pin money for some, completing questionnaires, reviews and the like, and I doubt they consider what is going to happen to that information or how many businesses gain access to them as a result.
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