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I'm 70. I don't know how many years I have left but I emphatically do not wish to spend half of them correcting other people's mistakes.

In the busy run-up to Christmas Mr SW and I spent virtually two days sorting out the mess that BT/Yahoo had created for my email account when Yahoo got hacked into. Today it was my ISA.

I'd taken out a new one over the phone last week and today I got a letter sending my temporary password and inviting me to log in and change it to one of my choice. So far, so bogstandard.

But I couldn't log in. Mr SW and I pored over the temporary password trying to determine if Bs might be 8s and vice versa. Nothing worked. So I rang up.

It turned out my password was fine. It was my name that was wrong :? I have a not-particularly-common but very easy to understand and spell surname. Yet the ****head :oops: who'd taken it down over the phone last week (to whom I'd spelled it) had juxtaposed two letters. So now I was Mrs Y Z Differetn.

I said that, for my previous ISA they'd got it right and sent letters to me with it right, including to the new address and including the letter of a couple of weeks ago telling me my previous ISA was reaching its expiry date and I could either leave it to be re-invested or contact them to decide what to do.

No matter. I now needed to log in under my new name, change my password and then find the correct online form for changing my details. I said could I just remain Mrs Y Z Differetn and she said yes but it'd probably create future problems.

So I cancelled any plans I had for the afternoon :roll: and started again. All went well until it came to changing my name. I could change my address but not my name.

I rang again and she said she'd find the online form for me but it turned out to be only for Premium Bonds. For an ISA I needed to write them a letter.

I shall do it but first I needed to get this off my chest. Now I shall brew up a comforting cuppa. Then I shall try to write a factual letter totally devoid of expletives. It will not be easy :mrgreen:
"The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain." Kahlil Gibran


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    And they worry about fraud....
    It's when you come across this sort of thing you begin to wonder whether anyone with a few brain cells is ever involved in running the world.
    I sympathise Sticky - I had my share of this sort of needless waste of effort when dealing with my mother's affairs. And I find myself being increasingly intolerant of the mistooks which creep in even when humans aren't directly involved.Renewing insurance policies are a particular cause of these - and I know it isn't the human element as I go through a broker I've been using for 30 years, so the details roll over from year to year in most cases(and yes I do do checks myself every now and then on alternative quotes/cost comparisons). I've just gone through the small print on the house insurance and found a recurring error - no I do not have, and have never had in any of my homes, ******patio doors!
    If you did the letter the old fashioned way you could put in the expletives then Tippex them out(not too neatly) before posting....
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    Ridiculous! I am so sympathetic Stickwicket.

    Makes me furious :x

    I HATE passwords...6-8 characters long...or 8-10 characters long or at least one upper case one lower case one number or with a special character such as @+!£$%&

    I can't COPE!!!

    VERY best of luck with you letter


    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx
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