Cuts planned to Worcestershire hip and knee operations

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Not sure if ou all seen this, but this is rather worrying way of deciding who does or does not qualify for a Hip/Knee operation, all under the guise of "cost cutting"


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    I did hear about this but was amazed for quite a different reason. It struck me that, if the criteria are pain interfering with daily life and an inability to sleep because of it, many on here would qualify who have been refused. How odd!
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    Seems an odd way of saving costs, when there could be better ways, i.e redcuing the pay packets of overpaid NHS managers.

    Good to see that the Royal College of Surgeons see is a bad idea.
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    Yes I've heard that on the news today.
    Is it going to save money??? If you are in pain think of all the pain killers that are going to have to be handed out and possibly lots of tests done etc
    I'm not sure that it will save money in the long run


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