Fractured collar bone update

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I had a review at fracture clinic today....the consultant was lovely but kind of nailed it down with the phrase " of course your arthritis just makes it all more complicated!". :oops:

So a month on I have reasonable mobility but need physio, had the first short session in the fracture clinic immediately and next is booked for next week. Again I'm really impressed with the follow up of our local hospital. Review back in clinic in about 3 months, and if I'm still struggling at that point the consultant said he'll refer me to a shoulder specialist in the Orthopaedic I'll be diligent with the exercises and hope it's settled before then. Strangely since shedding my sling I've got a problem with my upper arm that feels as if something is about to give way or tear when my arm is feels really odd and unsettling.

Having attempted to stick to the physio advice of doing 5 minutes of the set exercises every hour I now have a decidedly sore shoulder and aching arm, hoping that practise makes it better. :?

Deb x


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    I am pleased to hear that things are, overall, going as well as they can on all fronts but yes, he is absolutely right which does and doesn't help you. :| I cannot remember when I began my physio but to this day I do the ROM exercises I was given because every little helps. As for your upper arm feeling a little odd that could be due to the muscles therein resuming their work but I am not a physio. DD
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    Hi Deb

    Glad to hear you're on the right track and also, that you're getting good follow up. Take it easy with the exercises and don't push yourself too hard. It might be worth making sure you have your pain managed if you're going to be using your arm more.

    Wishing you ongoing healing. X
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    Hi Deb

    Good to hear you are doing so well.

    I am particularly interested as my Lucy (19) had a new shoulder on 23td and is no doubt wearing your sling.


    She is already having physio and probably you are doing similar exercises.

    When she tells me her arm feels odd I will be able to reassure her.

    Take care Deb


    Toni xxx
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    It's all sounding quite positive, debs.

    As for the upper arm - my guess is that's its hibernating muscles are none too pleased at being rudely awakened and pushed into work. I'd suggest going very gently and carefully (and frequently) with them at first. Make sure they don't twig what you're up to :wink:
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    Thanks one and all for your care and concern. I can confirm that I'm exercising little and often, and that darned upper arm muscle is decidedly twitchy!! Next physio booked for Wednesday of next week and I'm hoping to have made some progress by then.

    Hope that Lucy is making good progress too. I had no idea quite how frustrating one armed life would be.......for me the worst was having to rely on someone to cut up food, and not being able to prepare and cook proper meals, ready meals are ok but not for long periods.

    Deb xx

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