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Since being diagnosed in November on put on methotrexate, every month I have had issues getting my prescription. It is due tomorrow.

Once again yesterday prescription was picked up without it, and just had a call to say the doctor won't authorise it as I need weekly blood tests.

I am very confused as rheumy said every 2 weeks, and just prior to my last blood test on 11th Jan, I call rheumy to check. They said I could go onto once a month.

Totally confused. Just called the rheumy hotline, waiting for a reply. Might be visiting the hospital later.


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    I used to have (We've just moved house) similar problems in that my rheumatologist was happy for me to have 3-monthly bloods whereas my GPs got twitchy if I left it over two months, and this despite my being on meth for about 17 years.

    I just used to give them what they wanted and rocked up every two months for bloods. They were terrifically on the ball and contacted me instantly if there were any problems so I reckoned I owed them that.

    You might mention it next time you see the GP. It might simply be that your notes haven't been updated.
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    Quite a big difference between 1 week and 4. Going every week will make is very awkward with school and that is not the rheumatologists recommendation. Was bad enough when I had to do it every 2 weeks.

    Sigh, rheumy said they would send letter over to doc, doc hasn't got it yet, rheumy happy for me not to take it tomorrow as I have a cold, so I guess I will be bringing my blood test a week forward.

    Watch this space........
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    One day in the future 'they' will communicate with each other more quickly.

    Won't that be great for patients :roll:

    Best of luck Kerrin


    Toni xxx
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    It would be.

    GP now has the letter, waiting for him to review it and get back to me.

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    Oh dear, you are falling between two stools, aren't you? I am lucky in that my meth has always been issued by the hospital so my GPs were unable to 'interfere' in any way, shape or form (although they did, occasionally, try to recall me for further bloods: if the hospital requests further bloods then I oblige because they know what they're on about).

    For years I was on fortnightly bloods (and then had weekly appointments at the hospital for my meth injections) both were a nuisance but had to be done. The early days are demanding on us as patients but necessary to establish our individual patterns of blood behaviour. I was moved to two-monthly maybe three years ago and I keep forgetting to do them but I went today as I have a rheumatology appointment next week, two months overdue but who cares? Having twenty years' experience of this dross under my belt is useful. :wink:

    I hope things get sorted out soon. DD
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    Things were sorted last Friday. Doc authorised the prescription and is happy for monthly tests provided bloods were stable in 13/2. His words not mine. It is so much easier getting meds from doc as village surgery has a dispensary.

    Nurse said I should be having an apt with Rheumy soon so one of many things to ask.

    Watch this space ......

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    I'm having similar problems as only just been put on Meth and my Rheumy and Dr's aren't agreeing on what should happen either.
    Docs received the hospital letter and added Meth to my repeats - then refused to dispense it !!!
    At the moment they are dispensing one week at a time which is a huge pain in the b*tt as I have to traipse to the chemist every weekend and then wait while they do their thing.
    My Rheumy has said bloods at 2 weeks then at 6 weeks ... funny how they all do things differently.