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Hi everyone
I'm new to the forum so just finding my way around.
I've had OA for several years now, mainly my hands are affected and some of my fingers are very stiff first thing in the morning and don't like this cold weather. Taking anti-inflammatories at the moment, do take them on and off. Wondering if anyone has any tips for managing this? Am on waiting list now for hand physio and doctor just says not much he can do, which I get but want to help myself if I can before things get too bad. Not much help and understanding out there for OA sufferers I think, keep saying it's just wear and tear. :roll:


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    Hi Lynsey and welcome from me too :D

    Arthritis anywhere is painful. My RA started in my hands many, many years ago.

    I think it's true that OA is often dismissed as wear and tear. Maybe that's because GPs can do very little to help it. Yes, they can prescribe anti-inflamms and pain relief but they can't take it away.

    It's good that you want to do all you can to help yourself. You sound like someone who will use physio well. Arthritis Care has a booklet on exercise and that includes exercises for the hands.

    If you're going through a bad patch remember the anti-inflamms work better when taken continuously but, if doing that, do ensure your GP gives you a stomach-protecting med to take with it.

    And don't forget there are a lot of useful gadgets on the market to save our hands - electric can and jar openers, lightweight everything from kettles to irons or just extra thick pens and biros. Some can be found on disability sites and stores while others are mainstream and can be found in any big store.

    Good luck and please ask away if there's anything we can help with.
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    Hi everyone my name is Anne I am 61and I have oesteoarthritis fibromyalgia and polimyalgia. I take tramadol amitryptiline and am recently taking steroids for a flare up of polimyalgia. I was on DLA for years and have been claiming PIP for 2 yrs. I was reading pm the forum about changing from DLA to PIP. I jumped through all the hoops in 2014 and it took 10 months it now expires Dec 2017 However I received review forms Dec 2016 and have to do it all over again. Dap explanation is they contact you a year in advance because the process takes
    so long. So be patient everyone they have not got new claims sorted and they are already reviewing settled claims. Sigh ....... Love to all.
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    Hi Anne,

    Lovely to meet you, thanks for the 'heads up' re time taken to review PIP claims.

    If you like I can move this post to the Living with Arthritis board where more people are likely to view it. Look above in pale aqua and click on private messages. Put moderator in the to box and let me know.

    You sound well informed about your arthritis 'buddies' - hangers on might be better, if you want to check on up to date info the website has had a big overhaul and is finding latest information to update their leaflets which might be interesting.

    Do look around and post wherever you feel comfy

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hello from me, too :D Welcome and I hope to see you joining in on the other forums :sun: