Knee better but still struggling to walk. Cramps/shin splint

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I am being driven barmy! I have done my physio faithfully and my knee is absolutely much stronger. I still get pain but not as bad and it is mostly in the evening. It responds quite well to Voltarol gel. However, although my knee is better, I am still struggling to maintain a fitness programme.
I walk one mile in the morning, to work and I walk back the one mile in the afternoon, four days a week. I have been doing (or trying to) this since September/October. Firstly, my knee was agony and I got the physio referral. I did all the exercises and my knee is much stronger and I have been discharged from physio. Only now when I walk up to work, a hill but fairly gradual, I get dreadful cramp in my left calf. So much so, I end up walking at a snails pace. Then when I walk back down, I get shin splints!! Or at least, that is what I think they are.
I have changed my shoes. I have made sure I stretch my muscles. I take water so I am not dehydrated. I am only 45 and I was told my arthritis is only mild-moderate and that there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to exercise. I really want to lose weight but without being able to step up my exercise, I am not going to.
I see GP in a couple of weeks but wondered if anyone had any ideas?
My doc has said if I am still having problems after the physio, he will refer me to orthopedics.....but I don't know what they would do?


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    Oh poor you!

    I can't see anything you are doing wrong reading your post :(

    How long has this been going on?

    It makes you wonder whether there is something else going on a trapped nerve impinged muscle or something - you know maybe soft tissue??? So maybe the Drs referral to orthopod is an idea??? Could you go back to physio maybe??

    Anyway mild to moderate doesn't always reflect the level of pain felt ((()))


    Toni xxx