Pregnancy and Rheumatoid Arthritis/ankylising spondylitis.

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Hi there. I have a lot of questions to ask if anyone out there has had a baby/is having a baby I would love to speak to you.

So I have rheumatoid arthritis that acts a bit like ankylising spondylitis. I've had it since I was 14 and it has been up and down over the year's but, for me, it's been pretty level for the last few years. I've been taking arcoxia (etoroxib) and pain killers daily with lanprozole as a stomach protector.

However, me and my partner are thinking about having a baby. The last time I talked to my rheumatologist I think she said the anti inflamatories aren't safe to take while pregnant but you can take pain killers, however I still feel scared about the idea of taking these while pregnant. So here are my questions.

1. Are there any safe or natural pain killers/anti inflamatories you CAN take while pregnant?
2. What are your experiences of being pregnant/having a baby with rheumatoid arthritis and have you any advise or tips for me?

Thank you! Kate X


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    Hi katebrunsk
    o the forum so glad you have found us and for telling us your story,I haven,t got rheumatoid arthritis myself, but have osteoarthritis and can sympathize with what you are going through.This is a very friendly forum and I am sure you will get a reply to your questions soon.
    All the best Christine :sun:
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    Hello Kate!

    Welcome to the forums from me :D

    I was lucky as my arthritis didn't hit until I had had my girls.

    However I know of people on here who have had babies in the past who relied solely on paracetamol :shock: They have my admiration. Some are even very well while pregnant, but you are wise to be thinking of all possibilities.

    Might be worth checking whether you could have steroids if necessary too??? I think one or two have on here when they were pregnant.... :?

    Please do let us know how you get on


    Toni xxx
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    Hi there and welcome.

    I started with RA at 15 and have two sons now grown up. With the first pregnancy I went into remission and it was fantastic - until he arrived and I flared for ages. We had to move in with my Mum & Dad and my husband had to commute to work.

    I did the second on paracetamol, flaring horribly, and couldn't wait to give birth. However, it didn't end there and I went on flaring again for ages.

    It was difficult having two young children and RA. Of course I don't regret it for a moment but, without a great husband and parents, I don't know how I'd have managed.

    Most people now are put onto steroids for the duration of the pregnancy. DMARDS are out but, as you don't take them anyway, they won't cause any problems.

    I suggest you talk this over with your rheumatologist. You could also hit our 'search' tab about. There are lots of former threads about this but most people are concerned about trying to conceive and the time they must take off from DMARDS.

    Good luck :D
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    Thank you very much for your replies. Sorry it took so long for me to respond! I will certainly try the forum search and if anyone comes across any other new mums/pregnant ladies in here can you send them my way if they don't mind :). I have a rheumatoid apt this month so will keep you all updated. Thanks again
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    Try here

    As for other Mums, you can always try PMing the ones who come up on the search results but I think most just disappear after a while.
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    Hello Kate and welcome to the forum, we do have a couple of mums on hear that had there babies while having treatment,I think they are to busy bringing up there family's to come on at the min.. maybe a search at the top of the forum will bring something up..I do remember quite a long thread on it...
    I do wish you well x
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    I've been through two pregnancies with RA. I have auto immune arthritis in my knees.

    The first pregnancy was back in 2014, I came off methotrexate to start trying, & managed to survive drug free until I was about 5 months pregnant when I had a really bad flare. Steroids were the answer back then, I was recommended to take hydroxycloriquine (sp?!) but decided not to take this as I wasn't 100% sure it wouldn't harm the baby. After baby was born I managed to stay off drugs until the following summer when I had another bad flare and went onto Sulfazalazine.

    My second pregnancy was last year (2016) I remained on the sulfazalazine throughout, & afterwards whilst breastfeeding. I haven't had any problems until recently - 5 months since baby girl arrived, and am currently mid flare. So currently assessing what to do next...

    Talk everything through with your Rheumy, mine have been so helpful at every step. Don't be afraid to question things, ultimately I've learnt that's it's best to go with your gut since becoming a mummy & it's usually right!

    Wishing you lots of good health and happiness as you embark on this exciting step! X
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    Hi Kate, nice to meet you but sorry you have RA.
    My RA arrived a few months after the birth of our first son. It was very severe and I was put on gold injections and anti-inflamms.Gold made me have neutropenia so taken off it and I felt better in myself, so we decided to go ahead for number two, our daughter.I was lucky, went into remission which lasted throughout pregnancy, a years breastfeeding and another pregnancy, to return when number 3 our youngest son was nearly a year and it has stayed with me for 40+years, in a severe form. I feel so blessed to have been able to have our lovely family.

    Everyone is different though and everyone's disease is different too.

    It will be so important for you to work closely with yourdoctors, who normally take great care of patients with RA in pregnancy and post-natally. Health visitors, midwives are all more aware these days too. There are several drugsconsidered safe in pregnancy and steroids can have their place when times are tough.

    Really wish you luck and hope that everything turns out well and happily for you.

    I didn't have family close by to help, but friends were great and we are still in touch today.

    Take good care, xx