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I have had psoriatic arthropathy for 40 years, and 18 months ago it blew up badly into rheumatoid arthritis. I now have it under control mostly with diet. Hoping to come off methotrexate soon, just not quite there yet.


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    Welcome to the forum. I am one of the moderation team. We all have one or more of the arthritis 'hanger's on' or look after family with the same.

    I am sure you will find support, advice, light relief and friendship here.
    Best wishes
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    Hi and welcome from me too. I have had RA for many years but have never heard of one kind of inflammatory arthritis morphing into another though diagnoses do sometimes change. Not that it makes much difference as the meds are essentially the same.

    I'm pleased yours is now under control. It makes a huge difference. A healthy diet can play an important part but I'd be attributing success to the meds. It's quite safe to cut down though as long as your rheumatologist is im charge. Good luck.
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    Hi, I have psoriatic arthritis but without too much of the skin nonsense (for which I am grateful). For a few years I was classed as having an auto-immune inflammatory arthritis but, once the medical penny dropped, only the label changed. The meds are the meds are the meds but the joint damage has led to OA - if you have avoided that then that is worth celebrating! I've done the diet thing, the homeopathy thing, the magnet thing etc. and got nowhere but it's lovely to hear that yours is improving; I wish you well. DD