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Good Morning,
I'm new to the forum and quite desperate to get some advice regarding employment .
My background is I'm a 50 year old male diagnosed with sero negative rheumatoid arthritis four years ago . I am a self employed carpenter and joiner for the past 34 years.
Despite taking prescribed Saluzine and mexomatrate I still am in considerable pain in hands, fingers and shoulders which isn't too helpful for a carpenter!
This has lead to less and less work I am able to undertake as my strength an health has deteriorated.
I recently enquired at my local job centre as to my options in the
Employment market and felt I didn't receive any constructive options.I was told to look at other work or retrain as I don't have very good computer skills .
I can't apply for any benefits or financial assistance due to my self employed status (despite paying all due tax and N.I.contributions)
This left quite upset and confused, this was before Christmas, I have applied for several jobs but haven't been successful at present.
This has led me to use all my savings and am now . struggling to meet my financial obligations.
would be extremely grateful if you could either offer some advice or the name of any organization that do so.
Many thanks,
Stephen Cavill.