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Hi all,

Hope you are all well.

I've had issues with my methotrexate prescription as in its run out before my next follow up Rhumy nurse app. TBH he's a bit rubbish. Anyway I contacted their helpline waited a week for phone consultation he said he'd contact gps to ask them to do it. Que me having to chase gps had phone convo with their in house pharmacist who informed me they shouldn't be issueing me with drugs before the 3 month sign off with hosp. I informed him I was under ' shared care' and was sick of having to chase both of them :roll: he reluctantly wrote me a script for 4 weeks ( which will take me up to my next hosp app) I couldn't collect it on Friday as I was off ill with stomach bug ( I hate these immunosuppressants) my question is I'm not sure he's included the folic acid! And tbh I can't face going through the whole telephone consultation business to get 4 little tablets. Is it possible to buy these over the counter like I did when I was pregnant ?

Thanks in advance sorry for the moan.

Lynne :animal_busy:


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    I have come across a similar problem. I assume that you are on 5mg tablets which the pharmacist told me I was not allowed to buy over the counter without a prescription. However I can without restriction buy 2.5mg tablets ! Assuming that the formulation of the two strengths are identical the whole thing seems a nonsense. Hope it all goes well for you.
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    All hospitals have their own ways with prescribing meds that require regular blood tests. Mine just tell my GP what dose and the GP prescribes the meth but will still query matters if I'm slightly late with my blood tests. It might be that yours are being cautious because, as I recall, you haven't been on simponi for very long and the meth might be a new addition or re-addition.

    Folic acid? Supplements tend to be unregulated and strengths can vary. Pharmaceutical grade folic acid (which is what is prescribed) is of consistent strength. Ask your pharmacist for guidance.
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    Sticky you have a fabulous memory x yes your correct I haven't been on simponi long, since October. Added mtx a month later.

    Anyway fear not I have my prescription of meth & folic acid. Yes it is 5mg. So alls good in the hood. I desperately need to stop stressing about things x

    Thanks for listening x
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    I do not blame you fro stressing it's not as though things always run smoothly do they? :roll:

    I am very glad you have everything you need :)


    Toni xx