inflammatory arthiritis

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Hi everyone,
I have just joined as my son is suffering from arthiritis, he has finally seen a rheumatologist who has said she thinks its inflammatory arthiritis but is carrying out more tests to see if her diagnosis will change.
He has had an xray on all joints and is awaiting a ct scan of pelvic area and ultrasound.
Lots of blood taken so far and xray.

He has to go back in april for second appointment with the rheumatologist for all the blood results and ct and ultrasound if they have been done by then.
I would be grateful if anyone can give me any information on inflammatory arthiritis, he has been off sick from work for a month and is due back next week, has a docs appointment Friday for a note to say he has to stay on light duties, he works in retail.


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    Welcome to Arthritis Care Forums, misscaz01, from the moderation team.

    I am very sorry to hear your son is undergoing tests for suspected inflammatory arthritis. This is a generic term used by Drs when someone is presenting with symptoms including swollen, hot and painful and stiff joints. There are several different types under this bracket and many people using this forum have a form of inflammatory arthritis.

    I hope this link might be of help to you?

    As moderators we are here to help with any problems you may have using the message boards so feel free to send us a message if you need to.

    I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards.

    Best wises

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    Hello and welcome from me too. As a mother of two adult sons myself I understand your concern.

    As Ellen has said, inflammatory arthritis is a general diagnosis given when the rheumatologist is fairly sure it's an autoimmune form of arthritis but isn't sure which. Precise diagnosis can take a long time. Indeed, some people live for years with a diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis but it doesn't matter too much as the medication is more or less the same whichever form we have.

    Please feel free to ask any questions on the Living with Arthritis forim where more people will see and answer.

    As for work, I do hope your son will take the advice given amd not try to 'tough it out'. Fatigue will be a big factor for him and, if he is stressed by trying to do too much, that won't help at all.

    I wish you both good luck.
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    Hello again and thankyou for your warm welcome, my son is undergoing ultrasound tests on all joints and a ct scan to be done on his pelvic area and physio has been arranged, my son saw his doctor last Friday and she said the rheumatologist has written to her stating my son has psoriatic arthritis to which the gp said this is not accurate until all the tests have been done. There has been blood tests done as well but not all the results were back at the time the rheumatologist wrote to gp. We are quite confused by it all as the gp said there could be an underlying condition that is causing his body to produce an excess amount of inflammation, so i mentioned to the rheumatologist if she could test for thyroid but she did not test for that.

    sorry to go on but its all very confusing
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    It can be hugely confusing at first but, as I said previously, 'inflammatory arthritis' is simply a broad definition. Psoriatic arthritis is a precise one. Until all tests are done no diagnosis will be definite but the rheumatologist seems to have it all under control.

    Certainly thyroid problems can result in fatigue and possibly inflammation but, as a long term RA person, I see no reason to look further than an inflammatory arthritis to explain it all.

    Has any medication been prescribed or is the rheumatologist waiting until all test results are in? This must be an anxious period all round but, unfortunately, there can be a lot of waiting for things to happen or to work in our lives with arthritis. I hope things will happen for you quickly.