OA in both shoulders

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Hi guys,

I haven't been around for a couple of years but do still look in occasionally to see what's going on with you all.

I am struggling sleeping at the moment as I have OA in both my shoulders. I've had a steroid injection which gives me a few months of temporary relief but I know there isn't a cure. My GP says shoulder operations aren't very successful. I was wondering if any of you use a memory foam mattress and whether you think investing in one would help (I see they are very expensive). Has anyone had a successful shoulder operation?

Thanking you in advance.


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    Hello and welcome back.

    We have had successful shoulder ops on here but I think the shoulder is not operated on as readily as eg hips and knees. Having said that I know 'frogmorton''s daughter has just had one (I think there's a thread lower down) and I think it was 'mermaid' who said she'd had one many years ago though I believe they only normally reckon they last about 10 years.

    Shoulders can be very painful things as it's so hard to get the arms into a position in which the shoulder is comfortable.

    Beds, too, are tricky though a good one might make all the difference. I've had a memory foam mattress. It certainly supported my joints well but it was hot and it's actually quite difficult turning over in bed on one as you are well-bedded down before you want to. We finally replaced it with one that is 1/3 double sprung and 1/3 memory foam. For me this is perfect. Others get a similar effect with an ordinary mattress and a mattress topper. Don't discount the potential value of a shaped memory foam pillow either. I take mine everywhere with me.

    Sleep is hugely important and natural sleep is best so however much a good bed costs it is worth it. It can also be worth the extra expense of going to a good store which will let you have it on trial for a while. In any case always try before you buy. Swallow your pride and lie on possible ones in the showroom for as long as it takes.

    I hope you find a suitable one.
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    Many thanks for the information Sticky wicket, I'll have to do some research.