House sale fallen through

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Well, from the thread title you'll guess what's happened to the sale of my late Mum's house! :roll: Estate agents rang me yesterday to let me know they'd found out that the purchaser had "altered his evidence of income" and this had come to light when employers references came back and the figures didn't match. It was only due to the fact that alarm bells were ringing with their finance worker that this came to light at this point and not later on.

This particular purchaser is from a culture well known for their honesty, integrity and for being genuine. The estate agents have never encountered this with someone from this particular culture. Because of the purchaser's actions, it's unlikely he'll get a mortgage from any mortgage provider and so the house is back on the market.

Sadly this means I've had to re-activate the contract with Useless & Useless (the first estate agents we instructed and not the ones who got the offer for us). They've had an email from me stating what I want them to do before they put the house back on their websites as, due to the litany of errors they've made in the past, I just don't trust them. I've also given them written notice that when their contract comes to an end they are to cease marketing. That's how little faith I have in them. However, if I don't let them re-market the house we'll be in breach of the contract and have to pay a get-out fee and I have no intention of paying them a penny if I can help it.

The agent who sold the property before is confident it'll re-sell within a few days and I've had the usual bluff about the market having improved since that time etc., etc.

So now we wait - again. So frustrating.



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    Oh dear, I am sorry to read this. The memories this brings back are not happy in some respect but it kinda worked out OK for me in the end and I hope it does for you.

    It is hard to set aside emotions in order to regard this as a matter of business but, ultimately, that is what it is and whoever buys it won't be buying your memories. The couple who bought my parents' house have changed it beyond all recognition but I know how it was and what it represented. DD
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    Oh Grace what a shame.

    Even more annoying that you have to communicate with Useless and Useless :x

    When my Mum died we lost the sale on her bungalow and it was because of fears of a property crash - it was summer 2007. :roll: We ended up going to Auction although it sold at 6pm on the day of the auction.

    I hope all will be well, spring is looming, traditionally easier to sell properties.

    Nothing is ever easy is it?


    Toni xxx
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    I have a friend who has his own estate agency he says that if house sales are about anything its about money and I believe him. If your house has sold once it'll sell again, if the figures are right.

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    Oh Grace I am sorry..I hope someone comes along very soon and then you can relax a little..x
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    I'm sorry, Grace. These things do happen but you have so much on your plate right now. I hope a new buyer turns up soon.
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    Oh Grace I'm so sorry to hear that, the housing market is so up and down at the moment so you might get lucky that when it's re-advertised in the paper and online that someone who hadn't seen it yet will want it. The housing market it is funny old thing changing from good to bad at the flip of a coin. How long do you have left on your current contract with stupid and stupid?
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    Im sorry to read that Grace,just the sort of thing you didn't need.(()) Mig