A year ago today ...

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.. my changed beyond everything I could have anticipated.

2.30pm 16th Feb last year was when my partner John's DVT moved, became a PE (pulmonary embolism) and he dropped to the floor in front of me in A&E. Effectively I lost him then.

As you can appreciate I'm not in a good place. 18th Feb will be a year since we had to make the heart-breaking decision to turn John's life support off. 21st Feb is a year to the day when he passed away. It still seems like a nightmare to me - even now.

What I do know however, is that without the support of my family, local friends, colleagues and my Forum Family here, I cannot imagine how I'd have got through this last year.

Give your loved ones a hug; tell them how much they mean to you. Don't miss the opportunity to have those important conversations. The fact I never got that last chance to tell John how much I adored him, and that he never had the opportunity to tell me he idolised me, plays on my mind even now. Don't be in my shoes - please.

Apologies if I disappear for a few days. Thank you again for all the support you have so generously given to me over this last year.



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    We are thinking of you Grace
    Gentle hugs
    Sharon and all the moderators
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    ((((((( ))))))) DD
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    Sending lots of these ((((( ))))) Grace
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    Lots of these from me (((((())))))

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    Thinking of you
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    Oh Grace :(

    Please take all the space you need. All of us will understand 100%.

    All those sad sad memories will be coming crashing back to you in waves. Anniversaries are so hard.

    I promise you I will give mine and extra hug and say I love them in memory of your dear John.

    Take it easy and look after yourself if you can.

    With love

    Toni xxx
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    Thank you all. I just have tomorrow to get through now. Very difficult few days though.

    Not helped by the fact that tomorrow would have been Dad's 92nd birthday had he still been with us, the 26th is the 4th anniversary of my sister Sue's passing and on 23rd we have young Jake's funeral (my nephew's step-son who sadly passed away aged 10).

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    Thinking of you Grace and sending you gentle hugs.

    ChrisK Mod
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    Sorry this is late Grace..but all my thoughts and love will be with you xx