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Hi I am 52 and I was diagnosed with OA in my back 2 years ago I was referred for a back and pelvis Mri scan but when attended for my scan they only scanned my back which then showed OA in quite a few of my discs the consultant told me to go and do an exercise program to strengthen my muscles and said that would work for nearly 2 years I have been doing this it have helped a little bit but still some days in crawling up to bed in pain 8 months ago I asked my doctor to refer me back to consultant she then sent me for a pelvis scan which I received a letter this week saying I will be referred to orthopaedic as there is inflammation on my right hip and showing arthritis in my left hip ive come on hear to find out as much information as I can as my doctor will just say do you need stronger painkillers I can't take strong painkillers they make me sick the gp don't seem to give any advice on arthritis just says keep going which I do but with constant pain any information or if any one can give me any advise on anything I would be much appreciated


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    Welcome to Arthritis Care Forums, Joan123, from the moderation team.

    I am so sorry to hear how much pain you are in. Pain and dealing with pain is something everyone on here copes with so I know you will get lots of support from the members.

    It is good that you are being referred to an orthopaedic consultant, but in the meantime attach this link for you to look at:

    You are certainly not alone in struggling to find pain relief which you can cope with. Lots of people find the stronger painkillers make them feel queasy. It can be a matter of trial and error finding the right ones for you. Again other members’ experience will hopefully help you.

    I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Joan. It's good to 'meet' you though, as we say on here, sorry you had to find us.

    I have RA which has led to OA but my back isn't at all bad though I've had both hips replaced.

    There is actually not a lot GPs can do other than prescribe anti-inflammatories, pain relief and physio. The rest is more or less up to us until replacement joints become an option. You say you have been doing the physio, which is good, but there might be other exercises you could do to help the hips. This is Arthritis Care's exercise booklet.
    Other things you can do which will help in small ways are to keep the weight down, eat a healthy diet and don't smoke.

    Unfortunately, nothing will take the pain away completely but your GP has the option of prescribing stronger pain relief if you wish. If you don't, it's a matter of finding your own pain tolerance levels or maybe ensuring that the pain relief you do take is taken when most needed eg about ½ hour before you climb those stairs at night.

    If you post on the Living With Arthritis forum you might get more answers. Good luck with it all :D
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    Thanks for the replys I've learned more information looking on here than what my gp as given me, this week as been my worst of pain for quite a while just don't know what triggers the flare ups the last 3 days been constant using heat and ice on my back which 2 day is a bit easier till about 6 2night then the pain kicks back in when I went to consultant in mcast they seem to think that my lower back is so painful cause there is something going on in the pelvis area now the scan have showed arthritis in left hip and inflammation in the right hip is anyone on hear that as arthritis in hips suffer with severe lower back pain
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    Hi Joan

    Welcome from me too.

    Yes many people on here, who have turned out to have arthritis in their hips, had back pain first.

    I hope that the orthopaedic surgeon can help. Maybe a steroid injection or even surgery might be suggested.

    Hang on in there - there is hope honestly. I hope the appointment comes through very soo for you. In the meantime we will be here to support you ((()))


    Toni xxx
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    I've had both hips replaced. I never got much lower back pain but there are several on here who do. Barbara12 was rather reluctant to get a new hip because she was afraid it wouldn't solve her problems. Of course it didn't solve all the back pain problems but she has since had the other hip done so must have found it worthwhile.

    Maybe, if you keep a 'pain diary' for a week or so you might find out what triggers things. Usually, with OA, it's simply a matter of overdoing things either that day or the day before but sometimes it can be a chair, a bed, the way we sit etc. All worth exploring.
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    Hello Joan and welcome to the forum
    I was back verses hips and have had both hips replaced the second one 8 months ago..I am now contemplating my back..but think that will wait till its really goes on me..
    The THR were not has bad as I thought, I was home within 3 days for the first and a couple of days longer for the second ..I certainly don't regret having them done..if you need any info please PM anytime..x
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    Hi there Joan123, welcome to the forum, I am certain you will find lots of friends and support here, I see some of our lovelies have already offered their help. Pop into the cafe, in the chit chat section, I will put the kettle on for you.
    Lots of sympathies with back damage, friends will certainly help with regard hip problems XX Aidan