Well, that was a surprise!

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I last weighed in at SW on 25th Jan (the Wednesday before my TKR on 30th Jan). At that point my weight loss was 5stone, 2.5lbs so I was 2lbs under target.

I wasn't able to weigh in until today and did so with the help of my lovely neighbour Maureen who attends a morning Wednesday class (I usually go to a teatime class run by a different leader.

I'd been dreading going even though I'd stuck to plan and I haven't got any naughty or forbidden food in the bungalow. Because my operated leg is still swollen (although it is reducing a little day by day) I was braced for the figures to reflect the swelling.

I slowly climbed onto the scales hanging onto my crutches, got balanced and let go of the crutches briefly. I did my usual of shutting my eyes and then peeping. When I did peep I got the shock of my life! :shock:

The scales showed a figure I can't ever remember being. Since before my op (25th Jan) and today I'd lost a further 8.5lbs. :!: To say I'm gobsmacked is an understatement.

I'm now waiting to speak to my usual class leader to decide if I re-set my target to the figure today. My gut reaction at the moment is to see what happens next week and then re-set to whatever the scales show then.

With SW once you are at target you weigh in free as long as you are 3lbs under or over target. If you "stray" outside of those figures, you either get back into that range or re-set your target which has to be at least 7lbs away from your previous target. I'd really thought I'd put on because of the swelling and hoped I was within the target range so to get this result is a complete shock.

I've worked too hard at this and for too long to just blithely put the weight back on. My GP is likely to be delighted at the news as this puts me a couple of pounds over the maximum the GP's chart says I should be.

So, here I am. One stunned individual who still can't believe how things have turned out today! :lol:



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    Maybe the new knee weighs less than the old one, Grace :wink:

    Never mind how it went. It went. Mind you, I note that where many might be a little self-indulgent, foodwise, when times are so difficult, you have simply prepared in advance and ensured temptation cannot be given into. That takes foresight, courage and determination but you have them in spades so I'm not surprised.
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    Brilliant news Grace you have doen so well..like you say the target has to be maintained to be free..so be careful... :) x
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    Brilliant news Grace and I think you are right before resetting target wait a couple of weeks and see what happens before lowering your target you may have to pay for a couple of weeks but best to see if it settles first. well done you have coped with it well. :)