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Hi all, I had a disciplinary last Friday, though I couldn't attend as I was with my hubby at The Christie as he has metastatic kidney cancer, which I had already told work about. Per my union rep I put together a statement regarding the issue which could be used as a written representation. The whole thing stems from a review meeting I had with my boss, 28th July 2016, the day after I seen my orthopaedic surgeon follow up after an arthroscopy on my left knee. I saw the camera shots and it was confirmed my knee is completely knackered and will progressively deteriorate, and at 50 too young at the moment for a full replacement. When I told my boss the situation, I was quite positive and refusing to give in to the situation, and still don't, her response blew me away. No empathy, sympathy, sorry to hear that etc.. No what I got was "well you'll have to think about whether you can do your job or not" wow. She then proceeded in slating my work, which 2 months previously I had an annual appraisal and was told I was good. Since that day every time I went into work I felt like I was treading on egg shells and wondered what else she would say, or criticise me for. In Sept I was put on absence management for having had 36 days off sick, 30 of those were for my arthroscopy, 5 others were also because of my knees. I challenged my boss about disciplining me when my arthritis is a disability, but she must have some medical degree as she said it wasn't!! My hubby has been telling for over 12 months to look for another job. It was surprising and saddening when I went to the arthritis care day last September to hear so many people being victimised because of their arthritis. So I'm just taking a short break from application forms to jot my feelings down and the injustice of it all. Trouble is the arthritis in my fingers is now playing up!!!!!


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    Welcome to the forum, I am sure you will find help. advice. support and light relief here. There are many on here who have OA and will be able to offer you advice and answer any queries you may have.
    Arthritis Care has a freephone helpline, 08088004050, who may be able to answer any question you have if you want to talk to someone.

    I am one of the moderation team, we all have one or more of the arthritis 'hanger ons' or look after family with the same.

    If you need any help with the technicallities of the forum just get in touch via a personal message.

    Best wishes

    ChrisK - Mod.
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    Hello and welcome to the forums. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time of things but I'm afraid I can't help as I've been out of the workforce for so long myself. I wish you luck with it all and hope to see you around on the others forums :)
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    Hi and welcome.

    That is an awful situation your facing, and I simply cannot believe th attitude of your employer (how can she know more about arthritis than you?)

    Have you spoken to your union, as this may been seen as an unfair dismissal under the 2010 Equality Act (not 100% sure, so it may be worthy speaking to Citizens Advice).

    I've yet to have a disciplinary at my work, as I had over 7 sickness periods over the year (on my 7th today due a bad flare up of my OA in my knee), but so far my employer has been understanding and been reffered to Occupational Heatlh, which got my a new desk to help me.

    I too was at the Arthritis Care event last September and heard similar stories.

    Hope all goes well with you, and were here to help and support you.

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    As you have a union rep I think you need to take this up with him/her, as your employer making life difficult for you can tip over into constructive dismissal. It would also mean a third party record of the problems, and access to the legal situation with respect to accommodating your needs if your employer is being less than forthcoming.
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    This has angered me! 😠
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    My old boss was completely unsympathetic too and I was made to feel that I was making it up, despite me showing him a still of the MRI!
    I cant help you with how you stand legally other than to speak to your union rep and, if you have it, your HR department x

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    I too would involve your union. I havebeen lucky so far in that I have a supportive head who values my skills, but he leaves at the end of the school year and I am feeling anxious about my position, especially with our budget cuts.
    Keep in touch
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    I'm sadly not surprised from my experience most line managers are closet psychopaths, been there got the pension luckily but it took 4 years of abuse and bullying but I refused to leave, in the end they gave in but only because I'd reached 50 so I was finally eligible for ill health retirement, anyway in my experience trust no one at work, and I mean no one, people gossip some mean no harm but others do so less said the better, I also planed for the worst i.e. sacking under the capability rules and going to an industrial tribunal, plan for that and anything less is a bonus, you should also try and get as much evidence as you can just in case, I tended to e mail line managers when it suited me and I kept copies, I also got read receipts as well as my immediate boss was an arrogant so and so and tended not to reply, being in the union is very helpful gives you more clout, just try and not let the bu***ers get to you thats what they want.