swollen knuckles

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Hello. I'm a new member. My knuckles are becoming swollen on one hand - no pain - and my fingers beginning to bend. Any suggestions on how to help slow down this unsightly process?


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    Hi burleybrown
    Welcome to the forum,sorry you are suffering swollen knuckles at the moment, you didn,t say wether you have been diagnosed with any form of arthritis.We are all friendly and suffer from arthritis in many forms,so understand what you are going through.
    just talk on our forums LWA being our busiest also Chit Chat,if you log on to one of those you will get answers and sympathetic people to chat too.
    All the best Christine :)
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    Hi there and welcome from me burleybrown :)

    There are conditions which can cause fingers to bend inwards
    My Ex-MIL had this one:


    She has had steroid injections into them 3 times now with really good results, although surgery is also an option I think.

    In your shoes I would visit my GP.

    Let us know how you get on if you can I hope it's fixable for you

    Toni xx