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I'm just going through my fathers effects whilst clearing mums bungalow, I found all his army papers from WW2 and amongst it all was this:-

a paper cutting-
They took me home, and named me Rover,
But soon my happy days were over.
I made a mess upon the floor,
that's when they pushed me out the door,
I was only a baby, I didn't know
That the garden was the place to go.
I was put in a car and taken away,
On a cold and frosty winters day.
They left me many miles from home,
Cold, hungry, frightened and alone.
When you found me I was weak and thin,
You picked me up and took me in,
Then you said I could stay,
And I'll be faithful to you till my dying day.
But people should know that it's just not right,
To abandon a dog any day or night.
He needs food and water, a cosy bed too
And has to be taught all the right things to do,
Be patient with him and quite soon he,
A good and faithful friend will be.

What a softie, needless to say he had a number of mongrels!!!


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    Oh bless it goes to show what a good person your father was...its surprising what we find when going through things..I found lots of letter between my mum and dad when he was away in the second world war.... :)