Utterly exhausted

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Hi I forgot to mention,that I too have Osteoarthritis myself a failed hip replacement, owing to lack of support & having to struggle with caring for my Husband as we have no family.So to have an op this is out of the question as I am stressed.We have a cleaner twice a week & communicator guides to help for a few hours per week.Every other week I have Reflexology to ease things.Sorry to rant regards Amanda h


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    Hi Amandah

    I am so sorry to hear how hard things are for you and your husband.

    Don't worry about saying it as it is we do understand. I don't think you ranted at all.

    Hospitals are scary enough for most of us, but must be so much worse if you have anxiety too ((()))

    A break would be lovely for you both it would really pick you up. There are lots of places you could go in the UK or abroad even if you wanted to. I have looked at this site before:


    The reflexology is such a good idea I bet it helps a lot. I hope you have a good GP to help you with the pain you must have from your hip.


    Toni xxx
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    Hello again, Amanda. I'm sorry you're going through another rough patch. I hope writing it all down helped a little. Sometimes it's just the totality of things that becomes overwhelming, isn't it?
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    Hi, I hope that things get sorted for you.