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Hi, I'm new to this, I am 59 years old and I have had arthritis for 8 years. It is kept under control with a variety of drugs the only part that does not respond to treatment are my wrists. My wrists are extremely painful and swollen and I have just been told that arthritis has caused both of my wrists to be dislocated. The consultant feels that wrist replacement would not be offered and fusion of the wrist is the only relief available. Has anyone faced this? Should I be pursuing wrist replacement? How do people deal with wrist fusion?
I would so appreciate any advice.


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    I am sorry to hear you have such painful wrists and are having to consider surgery on them. The subject of wrist replacement rather than fusion came up not so long ago. Here is a link to the thread/discussion, which includes further links added by our Webmanager, Sharon:


    This is a thread about wrist fusion:


    I hope they help you a little.

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    Hi Merry12 and welcome from me, too. Wrists can be very painful things. I've had RA for a long time and my own wrists fused themselves years ago. It was very painful while it was happening but they are no trouble now and fortunately, possibly owing to judicious use of wrist splints, they fused in a straight position which is the most useful.

    Surgery for wrists is not yet very common, though. I think we've had a few fusions but I'm not sure about replacements.

    I found some stuff on reputable internet sites which may or may not help.




    I hope you can find something of use.