Update to "Well that was a surprise!"

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I thought I'd update you all. You may remember me posting last week that I was stunned at my first post-op weigh in at SW and the result?

I weighed in again this morning. The nagging thought I'd had going through my mind all week has been proven. It turns out that last week I got a false report on the scales. :!: I can only put this down to the fact I had to lean on both crutches for balance. This week I had a friend stood nearby (just in case I toppled) and was lightly balancing on one elbow crutch. I am, in actual fact, 1lb under my target weight.

I spoke to the class leader about this and said I'd had this nagging thought all week that had I put more weight last week on my crutches than I'd realised. She agreed with me that this is likely to have been the case.

Thankfully this last week I didn't go mad; I hadn't re-set my target weight and I stayed on plan. So I am pleased to say that I am still within target range. I am happy with this as I am more than satisfied where my SW journey has taken me to.

So lesson learnt and a salutary warning for anyone else. If you are following a diet plan and weighing in post-op, leaning on walking aids and see a result you don't quite believe, ask for it to be re-done. If I see such a phenomenon again that's what I'll be doing!



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    Have you heard about porky lites ?
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    Grace that is good news ..and will motivate you even more ..not that you meed it...think I would be leaning very hard on my crutches to take a few pound off.. :lol:
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    Congratulations Grace,
    you are doing so well especially considering all the surgery that you have just been through.
    Best Wishes
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    Oh gosh!!

    I suppose SW aren't used to people needing walking aids.

    At hospitals they have those seated scales don't they?

    I still think it's amazing you are within target with all you've been through. Often people put weight on post op due to lack of mobility.

    WELL DONE from me


    Toni xxx