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Hi new to this sorry if get it wrong
I have arthritis in both hips just been diagnosed with ddd in my neck and spine and facet joints some disc bulging nerve impingements stenosis in neck and I'm a bit lost as I've basically had to translate my mri results from the internet. Had to suggest to gp maybe physio would help then a week later was diagnosed with carpal tunnel and tendonitis as well. I use walking sticks and take plenty of painkillers I have just reduced my hours at work any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
Wobbly :shock:


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    Hi Wobbly,

    Welcome to the forum, you will find lots of like minded people here who can advise you matters arthritis, obviously not medical related, we aren't doctors :wink:

    Here's a link re osteoarthritis of the hip


    There is also a booklet re osteoarthritis of the neck on the main website.

    I don't know who arranged your MRI but you should ask them to tell you the results, better than dr google I feel.

    Post on the Living with arthritis area of the forum - just say what you've experienced and what you are hoping we can help with, then look around the other areas and join in wherever you like

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Thank you for your reply
    The Dr said it was a very long mri report this length she didn't see very often??? I then saw another gp and I asked her to read it and so I said to her what is wrong with me am I to assume I now have oa in my neck and back? Yes thats right was the reply. Was taken off amyltriptaline told to wean off it and given gabepentyin to start once off the amyltriptaline to be honest am now 3 days no amyltriptaline and I feel better than I did whilst taking it so am debating whether to take these new drugs I have been given, although I really should do as I am told coz if not then I don't feel I have the right to complain. :D
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    Hello Wobbly and a warm welcome from me
    You dont say how old you are, I was late 50s when diagnosed with OA in my hips and back ..and a couple of other places..I was so down ..and then found this lovely forum and just taking to people that understand can be a great help..I have had both Hips replaced..and now I have to make a decision about this stenosis..Physio is the first port of call..and its essential to keep moving..and there are the pain clinics , I was put on patches because of tummy probs with the tablets..I do hope you can get some help soon ,but you know were we are..