A good physio appointment

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I wasn't expecting much from it and, truth be told, I didn't get a great deal out of it but it was still very satisfying just because it's nice to know we are in the caring hands of people who know their job, are happy to have an honest, open discussion about things and leave the door open to further visits.

My new rheumatologist had offered the physio appointment just to see if it might help and I'd accepted on the same basis. I got a lovely lady who asked me if there was any particular area I'd like her to focus on. (Let's face it, my entire body is in need of a complete re-mould :roll: ) I 'fessed up that I'd not been doing my regular quads, arm and core body exercises as much since we moved but that was because I was running out of time thanks to the new house as I am getting far more exercise in vaccing, dusting, cleaning and dealing with the laundry. (A friend recently informed me I must do far more yards just going from the kitchen to the loo and back 8) ) It's a smaller house but much younger and easier to clean and, thanks to laminate, a cordless vac and several new cleaning tools, I can and do do most of my own cleaning now. She asked what I did in detail and agreed that, with my capabilities (or lack of :lol: ) I was getting a really good workout especially with my new electric clothes drier as that has my arms working at their absolute limit for what always seems to be far too long.

I asked to focus on trying to maintain what grip I have in my hands as my little, absolute-minimum-weight dumbbells keep falling out when I'm doing my arm exercises. My hands proved way beyond the reach of most of the standard exercises but Playdough came to my rescue. Just squeezing it in the palm repeatedly and then the same with it pushed towards my fingers meant I could tell it was helping as my hand got really tired and she could tell because of what was happening with the....erm.....muscles :o:lol: on top of my hand.

She told me she'd report back to the rheumatologist and that I'd to ask him if ever I wanted another appointment either with her or the Occupational Therapist who would happily come to my home.

She also warned me not to take Playdough to the USA with me next week as she once did and it was confiscated at Security – apparently it's very similar in consistency to a type of explosive :shock:

To my grandson's delight, that will mean an early trip to Target, the toy store :D


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    Hi Sticky
    That sounds a very positive and very good appointment.
    I'm sure your grandson will enjoy the fact that she told you not to take the play dough with you and you will have to go to Target :lol:
    How long will you be there for? Not Target :lol: USA :lol:

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    Hmm yes, sitting and kneading a lump of Semtex might result in some unwanted attention....
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    So glad it went well for you and I hope you have a great time with the family. Mig
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    Thanks everyone.

    I quite agree, daffy, getting through security is stressful enough (what with his laptop and my meds) without apparently taking the wherewithall to blow up the plane.

    Hileena, we always go for a month. We stay with our son so only have the flights to pay for.

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