New to arthritis--49 years without a kneecap!

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Thank you, NHS! My GP referred me to Arthritis Care, and a website I had never had to visit before. In 1968 I had a road accident that smashed my left patella, which was removed in A & E. I've lived a very active life until last year, when I started to have difficulty cycling. The GP also gave me some Capsaicin cream to rub on, which helps to smoothe the moderate pain when cycling (or slight pain when walking), and I can recommend it.


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    Welcome to Arthritis Care Forums Tonyg from the moderation team

    As mods we are here to help with any problems you may have on the message boards.

    There are lots of lovely people here with a wide range of experiences with arthritis and the problems of living with the condition. Just join in wherever you like you will be made very welcome.

    I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards.

    Best wishes

    Moderator John
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    Hello, it's nice to met you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I have arthritis all over the place (I have an auto-immune plus OA) so can empathise with its effect on your life. I am now 58 and 20 years in, life isn't a barrel of laughs but I keep telling myself it's not as bad as it could be because it isn't. I wish you well. DD

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