Just Diagnosed with Arthritis

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Hi, I'm 48 and recently I bit the bullet and went to the doctor to get what i thought was lower back pain, following years of playing competitive rugby and being in the military, sorted out. Following x-rays I have been diagnosed with severe arthritis in my right hip and severe degenerative change in my left. Currently waiting for an appointment with the consultant.
I currently have a severe limp and yesterday noticed a lump on the outside of my right hip that to meet feels like bone. I'm new to this so can anyone shed any light on whether this is normal in association with hip arthritis.

Many Thanks


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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I have osteo arthritis (OA) in both hips, both knees and both ankles so can empathise with the discomfort and the effect on your mobility: when something is out of kilter we alter the way we stand, hold ourselves and move thus putting other joints under strain. I suspect that you too have OA (that is the kind dealt with by GPs and maybe orthopaedic surgeons in due course). I don't know about the lump you can feel but I know (because I have seen it on Xrays) I have bone growths on both sides of both knees and this can happen with OA. I am 20 years in with this malarkey so maybe somewhat ahead of you.

    Has your GP suggested any form of pain relief or maybe anti-inflammatory medication? Exercise can also be useful to help preserve range of movement and muscle strength but it is essential it is non-weight bearing to reduce the risk of further damaging the joints. I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Thanks for that. It is indeed osteoarthritis that has been diagnosed.
    I am taking co codamol painkillers and 400mg ibuprofen, few days on few days off.

    I'm quite lucky as I still have access to a military gym and have spoken in depth to the physio who has helped me with exercises etc, though I'm upset that it seems my powerlifting days are over!!!

    The big problem is that i am a science teacher and it's the stopping and starting walking around the classroom that causes the most pain.

    I'll be a regular on here as I'm at the start of my journey and have loads of questions.

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    Hey I'm new too 45 and have OA in both knees, thumbs and probs my shoulder ouch yes it's painful! I've given up the gym but it sounds like I should go back so I will. I also have a physical job but will have to make adjustments now hey ho! Hope you find a way to deal with the pain. Codeine isn't very nice I'm sticking to paracetamol and ibruphen for as long as I can ☺