Burning foot?

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Hi all, over the past few days I've started getting a strong burning sensation on the inside of my right foot. It's intermittent and my foot feels cool to touch. Any idea what's causing it? It's not painful particularly but uncomfortable and seems odd! I'm currently taking prednisolene 7.5mg a day and have been taking sulfasalazine for 7 weeks (spondyloarthritis) but have never had this problem before. Hopefully it's just a weird random thing that'll go away!
TIA Rach x


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    Oooh! Sounds unusual Rach :?

    I hope it's just the feeling of a nerve being pinched or something like that. That sounds a little like when my back used to 'go' pre-op.

    Heat would imply some sort of inflammation I imagine. I think it's worth making a not of it so you remember to ask a Dr next time you see someone.

    It's easy to forget intermittent things isn't it?


    Toni xx

    If you find out what it is do let us know.

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