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My internet has died :roll: so although I can read the posts using my roaming data on my mobile I can't post. (Currently at my neighbour's using her internet so I could get my shopping order done, bless her. Took opportunity to just reassure you all I'm ok).

Engineer will be with me Tuesday afternoon. My provider only expected me to dismantle the BT phone box on the wall! I soon put them right and demanded an engineer. I had to play the "disability card" for them to agree to do this mind you, which shouldn't have had to be the case.

I went and bought a dongle with data on it but my laptop won't "play ball" with that either. So annoying.

Apologies in advance for any pocket duties I'll miss out on.



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    Hi Grace,
    don't forget you can download the tapatalk app onto your phone and access the forums from their. There is an iPhone version as well as an android version.
    Best Wishes
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    What a blasted nuisance and thank you for letting us know that you are OK. I hope they turn out when they promise and are able to get you back online. Take care, I'm thinking of you. DD
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    Ya boo Grace you poor thing :(

    I hope it gets fixed soon and easily.


    Toni xxx
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    Hope things are back up and running asap. I have had to use "sorry, I am disabled" check on your screen, it should say, oh yes, it does......... :roll:
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    Oh Grace ..its a pain when this on earth did we manage before the net.. :) I hope they have you back on Tuesday...