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I'm Ruth from Essex. I'm nearly 46 and am getting fed up with being told that I'm too young for arthritis [emoji22] sometimes I feel like hiding away til I AM old ....

Hello anyway

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    Welcome RuthVictoria71,

    I'm afraid that can be quite common, as can 'well, what do you expect at your age?' and I was only 42 at the time!

    I'm assuming it is your GP who is being unhelpful. If so are there other gp's in the practice? If so make an appt to see one of them and explain your situation. If it's one area, you could ask for an x-Ray.

    I went through 3 other gp's until I found one on 'my wavelength' that I always try to see for my long term problems, for anything else I don't mind who I see.

    Keep posting here, pain is pain and we know lots of ways to get as comfy as possible and you will find lots to distract you too!

    Meanwhile here's a link to the arthritis care website on 'do I have arthritis' to get you started


    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    My old GP didnt really help much other than send me for an MRI scan, give me tablets and then say i was taking too many! I've changed practice since then and I'm seeing the new doctor next week.

    It's other people too. My boss isn't very sympathetic, especially if I'm having a bad day.
    Oh well..... [emoji5]

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    People are ignorant whilst thinking they are experts, it's part of the human condition. They also think there are just two sorts, rheumatoid and osteo.

    I am one of the lucky ones with a creaky foot in both camps, I began my first one when I was 37 which was a few years ago now. The hardest reading on here is the My Child board, the youngest I have come across on there was 18 months old. Arthritis has no compassion, no respect and no off-switch. I am sorry you have had to find us but we know our stuff and can truly empathise. DD

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