Arthritis in neck

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Hi my name Lesley and live Greater London.

I have arthritis in my neck for five years. Up till the now has not been to bad, but in the last five it has got worse causing spasms. On have a x ray it has deteriorated.

Is there anyone with the same problem and how do they cope.


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    Hi Lesley,

    Welcome to the forum, I'm sorry that your neck has degenerated and is causing difficulty.

    Here's the section on the Arthritis Care website about neck pain. It has some ideas for relief, one of them is using a Tens machine, which is a low voltage current, it sounds terrible but it isn't, I've got one and found it helpful for pain relief and to help relax muscles.

    It sounds like you are being looked after, what prognosis have you got? If you post in the Living with Arthritis area you may get more responses to a specific query such as yours. If you like I can move this thread for you, use the 'private message' button just below this reply

    Take care
    Yvonne x

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