Tocilizumab infusion infection?

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I am due to start Tocilizumab soon and have an appointment with the RA nurse this week. They seem to offer either infusions in hospital or weekly injections at home. I thought that infusions may be better for me but the doctors have said that they run a greater risk of infection. Has anybody had this experience? Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    ive not had that infusion before but have had Infliximab which im guessing is a similar anti TNF infusion. mine has just been changed to a bio similar which is suposedly the same but cheaper version.
    ive had mine in hospital for the last 16 years and also worked in the same hospital for the last 37 years and never had any sort of infection even with no imune system but like any consent form you have to sign they always warn of a risk of infection.
    my consent form back in 2000 had side effects of risk of MS, cancer and death.
    give me an infection over them any day :)

    with any drug that alters your imune system id always rather have it done in a hospital where there are trained staff in the event of anything happening. maybe ask them if you can start by infusion in hospital and maybe go down the self injection route at a later stage.
    hope that helps
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    I've had infusions, do my own injections and never had an infection as a result (I suppose one could if an infection is already lurking). Yes, I occasionally catch bugs but then I stop the immuno-suppressants until I am better DD
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    Many thanks for your replies and advice. Much appreciated, as ever.

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