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We know that, despite being an invisible symptom, fatigue is one of the biggest challenges you might face if you have arthritis.
Our fatigue information pages look at the causes of fatigue and, most importantly, how to manage fatigue as part of your everyday life.
You’ll find a number of different tips on how to prioritise energy, as well as how you might be able to reduce the overall symptoms of fatigue
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    This is very good. Some important tips here.
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    This is great information on fatigue. I love the information on you can say no. I.too don't feel to go.out and when I do the effort of getting ready and then I.feel.tired it becomes too much.
    I have said no to my family and tried to explain but they or one particular family member thinks I am distancing myself and don't want to be around them I have explained but have come to the conclusion that my well being is important and I don't need negativity around me it's draining and does not help.