A new talent

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I discovered today that I am apparently very good at MRI's. Had my latest one this afternoon and was complimented by the radiographer on how well I did!
A niche skill if ever there was one.


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    Oh well done, Slosh! A niche skill, indeed, but a very useful one.

    May I modestly add that, several times, post-op, I have been complimented on my shuffling onto / off the bedpan skills.

    Perhaps we could form an advisory committee?
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    Well done slosh..they are not always easy..and I hope the results are good..x
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    Congratulations Slosh!!

    What a skill :wink:

    I hope that, whatever they find, is treatable :D


    Toni xxx
  • Slosh
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    It is wonderful these specialist skills we develop Sticky!

    This was arranged by my rheumy consultant as she thought the pain team would want to see an up-to-date scan.

    I see her again in May and I'm still waiting to hear from the pain team. She did say I could phone her secretary in a couple of weeks to get the results but I'm going to wait until I see her.

    Thanks for your best wishes.