Decided to close The Book Club

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I've made the decision to close The Book Club as I have been the only one posting on there in the last month. No one else has been posting on there so feel like it's had it's time. If anyone else wants to take control of it that is fine but my time running it has come to an end. It's been fun!! :sun:


  • frogmorton
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    Such a shame Bubbadog :(

    You are right though for a good while it has only been you, myself and frogmella (I hope she is ok).

    If people express an interest again I think it could easily be resurrected.

    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it.


    Toni xxx
  • bubbadog
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    Thank you Toni, you and frogmella where a big part of the book club as well as I. And yes if there ever is interest in starting it up again it will be easy enough to start up where we left off! As for now, it has been fun!