Present at 2am

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My cat decided I needed a mouse in my bedroom at 2.30 this morning!

Needless to say I got the fright of my life, went running into hubby's bedroom ( I snore heavily and he is a light sleeper) demanding he deal with the mouse, last seen lying inside the bedroom doorway, semi-dead!

He dealt with it, it was clearly past saving, blood in the carpet in numerous places and went back to bed, the cat spent ages looking at the last spot she had placed it, obviously wondering where it had gone, and waiting for it to come back I guess...

No idea if she brought it in or it was resident...Her today :animal_busy:


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    Oh Dear Palo :shock:

    That would have been quite a rude awakening and not a pleasant one at all :?

    I have a hunter cat too who brings me 'gifts of love' almost every day although sometimes, if I'm lucky, she leaves them by the door.

    Never at night though because I lock her cat-flap :D

    Oh yes I am very sure she was sleeping all day after waking you up at that inhuman hour!!!


    Toni xx
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    It's happened to my OH & I as well! The noise they make (so called) playing with the tiny creature. Our two have been respectful by bringing the creatures in early evening. Lately it's been mice and birds, so far bird wise it's been a sparrow and a thrush. I know Willow has got her eye on catching one of the pigeons we are just hoping that if she's going to be successful she does it while we are on holiday and the cat sitter has to deal with it!! :lol:
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    You certainly have a hunter, like Toni's pus cat, Daisycat. I spotted the neighbours cat rushing home to with a mouse to present to her owners.
    Our three could not catch a thing, when we had mice in the house in France, between me, OH and three cats, none of us managed to get it. :roll:
    Not a nice present though.............. :animal_busy: