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Hi Everyone, got a busy couple of days coming up with appointments so will need some people in my pockets please.

Wednesday 5th April: In the morning I have my Nan's funeral after in the afternoon I have a Rheumatology apt (need pocket duties please)

Thursday 6th April: In the afternoon I have a Orthopaedic appointment (so need Pocket Duties please).

Thank you for giving time to be with me. :)


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    I'll be there, but what a week
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    I hope all went well yesterday Bubba and that you are ok. It is not easy saying goodbye to a loved one :(

    Best of luck for today I hope the consultant is pleased with you ((()))

    Toni xxx
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    Hi Thanks Toni & Slosh, The funeral was beautifully done and a nice send off to Nan. The Rheumatology appointment went okay, he wants to change a few meds round but wants to hold fire on changing me over to Methotrexate and see how I get on with new medication. Totally forgot to write down what new meds they are!!
    He also mentioned the Arthroscopy on my right knee and that he and my Orthopaedic consultant had been sharing emails talking about which Knee Consultant would be a good choice to deal with my knee!! It's the first time I've had two consultants talking to each other about a patient!!

    Saw my Orthopaedic Consultant Dr Guha on Thursday afternoon, he sent me for another X-ray first on my left foot. When I saw him he was so pleased with my X-ray the bone had healed between my big Toe and ankle. He showed me the before and after X-Rays and it was amazing to see. He was pleased on how well I'm putting weight on it and the swelling has already come down. So he was happy to discharge me . We discussed my knee and he said he and Dr Reead (my Rhummy) are concerned on how much it's disintegrated and needs looking at. So they have both wrote to Knee specialist Dr Bell. So need to get my G.P to refer me for the Arthroscopy A.S.A.P after my holiday!! Only 2 weeks to go!! :sun:
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    Sorry I am late bubba..
    But glad to hear your Nans had a good send off..she would be do have a lot going on but seem to have a good team around ..hopefully you will get the knee done very soon then you can move on..glad to hear you foot is doing so well..wishing you well with everything...