Supplements - Any Success Stories?

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Has anyone had any success in easing their arthritis symptoms or slowing progression of their arthritis from supplements?


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    Not in my case. As I said on your other thread I know that acid / vinegary foods aggravate my OA so if I indulge I know what my reward will be.

    I suspect that those who are doing well don't post for that reason, assuming that they are members. I see that charleeh has posted recently so you may find her thread about diet to be of interest. It makes sense not to trigger the immune system but for some of us the triggers cannot be found, let alone controlled. DD
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    DewdBro wrote:
    Has anyone had any success in easing their arthritis symptoms or slowing progression of their arthritis from supplements?

    Hi! I've tried herbal medicine & found it had no effect on my pain from arthritis.i finally ended up going to my doctor & got painkillers. A few herbs the have tried are ; rosehip, devils claw, omega fish oil, glucosamine. None had any effect on me. Sam.
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    Hi there,

    I've changed my diet quite dramatically and added certain suppliments to both help my arthritis and my high cholesterol and gastritis symptoms.

    I know this can be contraversial but I've done this on the suggestion of my rheumatologist, who suggested I tried a gluten and dairy free diet about 2 years ago and tried to help the 'good bacteria' in my gut as more research is coming forward linking gut health/inflammation.

    I had already tried mainly gluten free and dabbled with suppliments etc but only went dairy free and totally gluten free and made other changes after a scary cholesterol result, being pre-diabetic, and having the worst flare up ever early in 2017.

    I saw a qualified nutritionalist and did the following with my GP and rheumatologists support....

    1 Gluten and dairy free (strictly)
    2 1st thing mug of hot lemon juice and freshly grated ginger (neutralises my stomach acidity plus anti inflammatory)
    3 Daily veg juice with 'golden paste' (tumeric, oil,blackpepper) and Pro-greens (probiotic powder for gut bacteria) Google how to make 'golden paste'
    4 Oats with flax seeds (anti inflammatory) for breakfast with almond milk
    5 9 a day (yes...9!!!) vegetables/fruit/salad
    6 Lots of oily fish and olive oil in lots of things. Lots of tumeric (can only be absorbed if with fat and black pepper) and ginger
    7 2 good quality fish oil capsules a day (I was recommended Lionheart)
    8 A few spoons of organic saurkraut a day (for gut bacteria)
    9 I cut out foods that I know make me flare...tomatoes, strawberries and wine

    Well... I've been doing this for 9 months now. At 5 months I thought I was no better and thus have been waiting to start a new drug. However, I haven't had a flare now for 4 months and my joints are the best they've been for years, so I've postponed the new drug.
    My cholestrol has halved, my blood sugar is now normal, my gastritis has gone (no more pain or gaviscon) and I no longer have to take a PPI tablet.

    If this continues I will be thrilled as all drugs have given me severe side effects in the past (I'm not currently on any arthritis drugs and last had steroids in august)

    Maybe this is just a blip, but I'm going to stick to this as it's certainly helping my mood, energy (and no more tummy pains) and reducing my risk of heart disease.

    If it continues to help my joints then that will be wonderful.

    My GP and rheumatologist are also thrilled with my latest blood results.

    The nutritionalist I saw had been recommended by a friend with RA and he has now been in remission for 5 years after going gluten and dairy free, and is back playing football. Again , this may be a blip but it was good enough for me to have a go down the diet route. It has taken 9 months though!

    It's hard to stick to at first but really easy now (though harder when eating out). It is expensive though!

    Anyway...I will wait and see if the good results continue and keep you posted!

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    Ok it's me again with an update to my recent reply.

    I'm now having a flare....arghhh

    I do think the diet suppliments have helped though and have helped with my overall/heart health....I'd still give them a go.

    Alas they're not enough to fight this beast :(

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    Hi Trisha
    sorry to hear you are flaring again despite your careful diet and supplements, however as you say I am sure that it is helping your overall health and heart health too. Eating healthily is never a bad thing. I hope your rheumatologist gets things under control for you very soon. I would also like to thank you for sharing your experience with us as it's always good to catch up with how people are getting on. Managing our arthritis is never an easy thing but trying things and being positive about general health is always a step in the right direction. Lets us know how you get on, do you think you will start the new drug you were considering before now?
    Best Wishes
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    Hello Trisha, I am so sorry that you are flaring especially after all the consistent work in changing your diet. When younger I could control my eczema with diet and, to a certain extent, my asthma but in later life not my psoriasis or its arthritis. I know that following a good diet will help other aspects of my health but will not affect the activity of the PsA, only the meds do that. With my OA I know what foods to avoid so things are not aggravated but again my control over matters is limited: I cannot control the mould spores in the air or the seasonal temperature. DD
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    Trisha this must be so very frustrating for you, at least you gave it a go..I think I would carry on with it and see if the time between flares get longer..hope you are not suffering to much x
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    That's frustrating for you Trisha. However even if your regime hasn't had the effect you hoped on the flares, the fact that other aspects of your health have improved so much is a big plus and might make the flares easier to deal with/get through, so worth sticking with I reckon.
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    Thanks to you all for your lovely supportive responses, you lovely lot

    I've been feeling a bit tearful today...part disappointment, part lack of sleep (was still awake at 7am with ice packs strapped to various parts)

    Actually the flare hasn't progressed today's stayed at the same level (and I have just had a bad virus/bronchitis which is normally a trigger for me)

    I have left a message for the HCAH nurse to say I'd like to start the new drug asap as I want to take it whilst I'm flaring. I'm worried if I don't take it I will be getting more joint damage. Very nervous though as I'm so prone to infections generally but particularly when on treatment.

    I need to be well/fit next year if I can as I've got my mum's 90th and our daughters wedding...both being held at our house (plus lots of guests for xmas)....both low key but still lots of work.

    I will continue with the diet as it has eradicated my gastritis, halved my cholesterol and I'm sure is a good healthy diet anyway. My genes are for high blood pressure and heart disease, so it's important I eat lots of veg, oily fish etc anyway. It's also unblocked my nose and sinuses (think the dairy wasn't helping my hyper-reactive ENT dr had suggested I ditch dairy a few years back)

    As inflammation is related to most disease I think an anti inflammatory diet will be helpful generally, and may perhaps help my resistence/recovery from infections. I don't dare stop healthy eating now as maybe I'd have been even worse if I had eaten poorly. Also I want to keep an eye on my weight as I can't exercise much.

    So I'm going to carry on with the diet (I'm used to it now anyway and it stops me eating cake and rubbish) but will also give the drug a trial as soon as I hear back from the nurse.

    I'll let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again you lovely folk

    Trisha x