Struggling with methotrexate

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To add to my simponi biologic - my Rhumy has added 10mg methotrexate to the mix. To which has not made my immune system happy! Bug after virus - antibiotics etc, so run down. Sore throat, excemea flaring etc.

Rhumy nurse took me off the mtx completely for a month! 2 weeks later! Had a flare! Advised to go back on them but half dose! Ready to build up after a few weeks. Anyone had similar ?

Original Rhumy nurse told me to have 1 folic acid day after mtx day. New script from pharmacy tells me to take one every day except mtx day? X any ideas? X

On a positive! Only 4 more getups til Easter hols! Hooray!!! :sun: :animal_busy:

Thanks in advance

Lynne xxx


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    Both doses of FA are normal. It helps mitigate against any side effects of meth. As with everything, the fewer the better but much better 6 per week than meth problems. I hope they help.
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    like Sticky said taking 6 folic acid a week will help alot with side effects from MTX

    one thing , with simponi it never worked that well & they doubled to dose & endded up with a sepsis hip because of it , just be careful on that drug , there is better ones they can give you like tocilizumab & Rituximab which I am on
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    Hi there,
    Not every drug suits everyone. I have taken methotrexate for several years but have recently swapped to Leflunomide because I was struggling with methotrexate side effects. It certainly kept my RA in check, but I was losing a full day every week to nausea and overwhelming fatigue, in addition I caught every virus and bacterial infection doing the rounds and ended up on antibiotics at least 6 times a year.......having said that some folks tolerate it really well. I was taking folic acid 6 days each week which helped.

    Hope the easter break is a good one for you.

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    Thank you everyone for your replies. I took 3mtx this week ! Can't wait to take my simponi tomorrow! I'm sure it's working! X feel like poo today! V tired xx

    It's not particularly taking everything away but deffo supports me. My fingers & hands aren't happy though! V swollen! And painful especially in mornings. I'm not been able to get my wedding rings on over the past month or so.

    Hope you are all ok xx