PIP assessment this week

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Finally, finally, after over a year of applying and trying and having forms lost etc I have an assessment. I currently don't work, I've been on ESA for over a year now but getting even a small amount of PIP would help a lot.

Does anyone have any advice? I do have a print out of advice from a site, I forget the name but I printed off the ESA and PIP guidance they had thinking I'd get the PIP assessment a tad ssoner than this.

I'm not even sure I filled the form in correctly now as I just wanted it over with. I have rheumatoid arthritis which severely affects me and depression. My big worry right now is I moved last week, I was kind of forced to move to somewhere cheaper as my savings are gone so I couldn't stay where I was. This means all of my health care has changed, I moved London to Cornwall so everything is changed. If they go to a healthcare person for info they will have nothing, I registered to a GP here but have not met them yet, I've applied to be referred to a consultant but I don't even know what hospital that would be at at let alone a name!

Another worry is does gout count as something separate that I've failed to inform them of? This week I suffered a massive painful episode which lead to me almost calling an ambulance. I have never been in that much pain, finally about 8 hours after calling 111 I got a callback and a Dr came out, he said it was either a massive flare up or gout, probably gout. Does anyone know if this would count as a separate medical condition I should have told them or part of RA? I need this to be to the letter I don't want to break rules.

And if anyone had one recently, do you have to sign or write anything at an assessment? I can't hold a pen, I typed my initial form, do I need to find someone to come with me to sign anything? There is no way I want someone actually with me I wouldn't be able to speak, just to sign if needed.


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    I know very little about these things but, basically, my advice would be much the same as I gave on your previous thread ie contact Citizens Advice and get either a thick pen or a penholder from a disability store.

    Also, I think, in your current circumstances, it might be better to wait until your GP has seen you, got all the info needed from your previous GP and referred you to a local rheumatologist. Right now, neither GP nor consultant can back you up at all.

    If your hands are still so bad what has been happening re your DMARDS? Did your previous rheumatologist not change them?

    I think maybe you should make an appointment to see your new GP and ask him/her to expedite an appointment with a rheumatologist. I'm sure, although it sounds a long way round, it will be quicker in the long run. And do buy a thick-handled pen. My fingers are a total mess but I can still write with one. Many of our problems can be resolved by having the right tools for the job.
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    I just came back from the assessment and it was the worst it could possibly have been. So even had I waited for GP and stuff it'd have been just as bad. She didn't have access to my form I filled in, I specifically called last week and said do I need to bring my meds like with ESA and they said nope, no need, its on the form. So half the time there was just going over the meds in the most inpatient manner and as soon as one was said she moved on and I had to bring her back to add another and she was getting so short with me.

    I think I could have walked in with any evidence whatsoever and it'd have been ignored. She didn't want to see anything I had apart from ID. Never once used my name, everything was 'lovey' but in a authoritative way. I have never felt less than a human than today. So now I'm going to start looking at the appeals as 100% I didn't get the points from this! She didn't ask a single thing about walking x number of metres, I think it's just automatically removed.
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    Hi wren
    sorry to hear you have had such a bad experience, as you live in Cornwall I would recommend contacting Disability Cornwall and asking them for support. There website address is http://www.disabilitycornwall.org.uk/ they deal a lot with PIP assessments in Cornwall.
    I am sure you can appeal as they clearly unprepared for your appointment which is not acceptable and they are meant to follow a script when they meet you on a 1 to 1 basis
    Best Wishes