Pre-injection alcohol wipes.

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I have just finished taking Humira and am due to start Tocilizumab. I have just read that the pre-injection alcohol wipes aren't supplied with the Tocilizumab (like they were with the Humira). Does anybody know where I can buy some? I have tried a few pharmacies but they don't appear to sell them. I have seen some on the internet but am worried that they might not be 'authentic.' Or maybe the training nurse will have some? Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Oh dear :(

    Our pharmacist does do them, but he is a small independent one so maybe unusual.

    I would check with the nurse if I were you to be on the safe-side.


    Toni xx
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    I use a small smear of surgical spirit on a cotton wool ball: I also give it time to evaporate so it isn't taken into the skin with the injection. One of the nurses at my hospital told me that that is all these wipes are and every chemist sells surgical spirit. If I bleed I use another damp ball to soak up the residue - this goes into the sharps bin whereas the first ball doesn't. DD
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    Thank you both for your reply.