Unsettling times at work

Slosh Member Posts: 3,194
You have probably seen all the news about changes to school finding. In the finacial year we are just about to enter the school I work at has a £300 thousand drop due to the first changes before the full changes come into effect and that means staff cuts, add to the mix the fact that my very supportive headteacher is leaving at the end of the summer term and you can see why I feel anxious. At present my job is safe for September but after that? I know I am vulnerable, I am an expensive luxury as a dedicated reading intervention manager especially as I am an Assistant Head, and I could easily be put in a position whereby I am asked to do things that are too much for me. I don't want to risk being made redundant as redudancy pay for teachers isn't great.
I want to start looking at options and have a contingency plan. I will be getting information on early retirement on health grounds (I'm 56), but just wondered if I did go for this and it was agreed can I then go on to claim ESA?