Methotrexate and Sunshine.

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For those of you who are new to methotrexate you may not be aware that it's time to break out the sunscreen when out and about; this is because the medication increases our skin's photosensitivity. The sun is getting higher and stronger and if we do not protect ourselves a rash can result which, as I know from personal experience, is itchy and painful. I use factor 30, stay in the shade whenever possible, and wear a light scarf to protect the back of my neck. I've recently had my hair cut very short so a hat will be added to protect my scalp.

We have a glorious day here and, as outdoor housework is demanding attention, I shall dig out last year's bottle and slather it on. DD


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    Very timely, thank you DD.

    Just wanted to add something though - I understand that sun cream is only really good for one year. I believe that the active ingredients stop working properly.

    Now, I don't know how true that is, as only certain ones have expiration dates on, so it might just be a ruse by the sun cream companies to make us buy more!

    Personally, as I'm on methotrexate, I don't risk it and buy new SPF50 each year, but I've got no scientific evidence to back it up. Just thought I'd mention it.
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    That's a good point and thank you for the reminder. I buy the bigger bottles in July and August, after then I scale down so that I have something within date for the following year. My pharmacist told me that things do not expire overnight but the active ingredients weaken - this doesn't mean that the product is ineffective but not as effective.

    I don't know why I do this but I do - I always shake the bottle before I apply. Is that daft? DD
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    Thanks for the timely reminder DD. I've just stocked up on factor 50 ahead of my holiday, I always use a child friendly sensitive skin one because the scented ones give me funny skin. Happily I've just discovered that my favourite unscented moisturiser does a bottle with built in SPF 30 so I can moisturise and protect at the same time :)

    I've recently swapped from Methotrexate to Leflunomide, not sure whether the sun sensitivity is the same, but protecting our skin makes sense regardless.